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clearing up eigenFORM

by Ralf and Gitta Peyn

News from FORMWELT/WELTFORM research:
“clearing up eigenFORM” by Ralf and Gitta Peyn

with some amazing new insights as f. e.:

  • Systems that try to re-entry themselves without further internal (ex)differentiation (irritation) lose their ability to mark - to decide.
    This has consequences for identity formation of man, society, culture, politics, nation, etc., because: Whenever systems try to re-entry themselves consistently into themselves, they gradually lose their ability to decide, for only undecided things can be decided (otherwise they would not have to be decided), and systems which become rigid in their identity formation increasingly decide only what they already have decided and so: they die.
  • The single paradox does not produce system generation, system (ex)differentiation.
    Only in the interaction of paradoxes does life come into being. Or in other words: life emerges only in the context of other life.

This is what George Spencer-Brown tried/desired but could not achieve.
With an enormous number of FORMs that can be calculated (see Peter Hofmann's linked paper), and they calculate all the time with Imaginary and Undetermined which might be resolved but do not have to - and still produce concrete results.
We could compare that to computing with complex numbers.

Download the PDF here: