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“You only realize that there is something new and thus should be said when you are running into sharp opposition.”
Konrad Lorenz

The FORM tricorder

by Peter Hofmann

Calculate, visualize and verify (your) (cognitive and communicative) FORMs directly in Peter Hofmann's FORM tricorder: Article with short description by Gitta Peyn more ›

Communication – Reorganization of Undetermined (new eBooklet)

by Ralf Peyn

Explore and analyse various communication/constructionFORMs. Find out how you can use them with the help of selftest for a deeper, more complex, higher differentiated and broader dimensioned comprehending of your inner dialogues, personal relationships, daily private and professional communications… more ›

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Complex times need complex solutions and complex/versatile thinkers. They need a complex approach to science and transdisciplinary synergies between experts and laymen in order to overcome some of today's bottlenecks and to help with some of the global challenges and problems: Increasing narcissism… more ›

Die Flüchtlingskrise – 5 Komponenten zu einer resilienten Gesellschaft

by Dr. Karim Fathi

Die Flüchtlingskrise ist in aller Munde. Einige Wortführer gehen von der „größten Krise Europas“ aus. Die jüngst veröffentlichte Analyse des Weltwirtschaftsforums in Davos, der „Global Risk Report 2016“ (WEF 2016), zählt die aktuelle Flüchtlingskrise zu den Top 5 der aktuell weltweit bedrohlichsten Krisen. (…) War… more ›