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“You only realize that there is something new and thus should be said when you are running into sharp opposition.”
Konrad Lorenz

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Complex times need complex solutions and complex/versatile thinkers. They need a complex approach to science and transdisciplinary synergies between experts and laymen in order to overcome some of today's bottlenecks and to help with some of the global challenges and problems: Increasing narcissism… more ›

Die Flüchtlingskrise – 5 Komponenten zu einer resilienten Gesellschaft

by Dr. Karim Fathi

Die Flüchtlingskrise ist in aller Munde. Einige Wortführer gehen von der „größten Krise Europas“ aus. Die jüngst veröffentlichte Analyse des Weltwirtschaftsforums in Davos, der „Global Risk Report 2016“ (WEF 2016), zählt die aktuelle Flüchtlingskrise zu den Top 5 der aktuell weltweit bedrohlichsten Krisen. (…) War… more ›

Larnaca Conferences

Meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus on Monday 28 May. Starting at 10 am local time. The meeting is an ‘ideas creation’ and brainstorming event between System Thinkers of different backgrounds.   Aims To discuss how a complex approach to science is needed in order to overcome some of today’s bottlenecks To exp… more ›

Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

by Ilia Stambler, PhD

The task of healthy life extension, or healthy longevity promotion, dictates a broad and interconnected variety of questions and tasks, relating to science and technology, individual and communal ethics, as well as public policy, especially health and research policy. Despite the wide variety, the… more ›

The Indispensable Soma Hypothesis

by Marios Kyriazis, M. D.

In a recently published paper and also in a forthcoming book, Marios Kyriazis analyzed the relationship between environment, digitalization, cognitive challenges and neuroplasticity. The current increasing cognitive load upregulates the human neuronal stress response and, as a consequence, this… more ›