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The Indispensable Soma Hypothesis

by Marios Kyriazis, M. D.
Marios Kyriazis

In a recently published paper and also in a forthcoming book, Marios Kyriazis analyzed the relationship between environment, digitalization, cognitive challenges and neuroplasticity. The current increasing cognitive load upregulates the human neuronal stress response and, as a consequence, this redresses current evolutionary realities. Specifically, we are now beginning to witness a shift from a physically-demanding lifestyle to a more cognitively-oriented one, with repercussions on reproduction, world demographics, health, and human aging. Disciplines such as biology, neurosciences, systems theory, and the study of complex adaptive systems become relevant both in a ‘bottom-up’ and a ‘top-down’ perspective.

One particular aspect of Marios Kyriazis research states that agents which are useful in the evolution and adaptation of any system, are retained by that system. This concept can be applied in the specific case of humans who are actors within a highly technological and hyper-connected society, forming part of a Global Brain. This aspect of his work led to his nomination for the Nobel prize in Medicine 2017.

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